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Disney Secretly Increased DVC Direct Sale Prices January 17, 2019

On either January 16th or 17th, Disney again raised the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) direct sale prices and the price increase happened kinda secretly. No official announcement was made by either Disney of DVC.

Why did Disney do it? and why secretly? My take is that Disney wants to make more money but also does not want to give people the impression of being greedy. Disney just raised the ticket and annual pass prices for Disneyland California early this month and the price increase is, in my opinion, a lot! For example, the annual premier pass, which gives access to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland for a year, now costs $1,949 per person, almost $2,000 if you add taxes, after the increase (about 25% up from an already expensive price tag at $1,579 plus taxes). Geese! That's a lot of money!

Let's focus on this secret DVC direct sale price increase. Since I don't know how to put tables in my blog yet, I will just give a few examples of the price change. The price for Beach Club increased by $40 per point and now at $225. This is a 2042 property, meaning that this timeshare will be expired in 23 years! For those who are new to DVC - the time frame for a DVC timeshare is about 50 years. Bay Lake Tower is another popular property, the only one that is in walking distance to Magic Kingdom. After the price increase, the price is also $225 per point. When the Bay Lake Tower first came into the market in 2008, the price was only $112. It is more than doubled now but with only 80% of usage left. Amazing!

After the price hike, the flagship Grand Floridian and Polynesian now costs $245 and $235 per point. I don't think I can ever persuade myself to pay that price to buy direct from Disney. I don't want to comment on whether Disney is being greedy. If the market is supporting this kind of price, I will say "why not". However, I really doubt how many people out there would like to buy at this price level.


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